Posted by: doctornuke | December 23, 2010

A 21st Century Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas from Idaho!!


The DeHarts have had a very busy year!

The DeHart family has made some BIG changes this year!  After 17 years in Tennessee, we’ve moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Major life change for all of us!  Gone are year-round shorts and flip flops…instead now we all own snow boots and puffy winter coats!  We’ve added snow tires and 4 wheel drive too.  We haven’t lost our southern charm though and the locals think our accents are delightful.



Mark left ORNL after 17 years and took a new and exciting position with the Idaho National Laboratory.  He truly enjoys his new job and is doing very well.  He got to be a bachelor from March until July while Leigh and the kids wrapped up loose ends in Tennessee.  Happily, the whole family is back together and living under the same roof now.

Leigh received tenure as a 2nd grade teacher at Philadelphia Elementary School and then promptly informed her principal she was moving!  Luckily, she was able to find another fulfilling teaching position in 4th grade at Dora Erickson Elementary School here in Idaho Falls.  She thinks 4th grade is pretty awesome, but was shocked at how “worldly” some of her students are!

Kate is taking the year off to work and gain “in state” tuition rates before starting back to college in the fall.  She hit the big 2-1 this year!  She celebrated her newfound adulthood by taking a trip with her father to Las Vegas!  Where else to celebrate but Sin City?  They had a great time and enjoyed some father-daughter bonding time over the Blackjack tables.

Kyle is a senior at Skyline High School and making straight A’s! (Maybe we should have moved earlier?) He misses his Tennessee friends a lot but has made some wonderful new Idaho friends.  In fact, his new friends took him for his 1st sledding experience!  (Now we need to add snow pants to the list!)  He and Mark have a Yellowstone snowmobile excursion in the works for this winter too.

For those of you concerned with where Maggie (Mammaw) is, well we left her in Tennessee.  She said it was too darned cold in Idaho so she’d rather stay put.  She has her own place and is doing extremely well!  She continues to work for Jewelry Television and we’re pretty sure she’s their oldest employee at 80.  Good job Mammaw!!

Pet-wise it’s been a rough year.  We lost Liberty Belle this summer to paralysis.  She was such a funny little dog.  She will truly be missed.  Monkee and Beckett have enjoyed being top dogs around the house but we felt our family wasn’t complete without one more pet….  Enter Isabelle or Izze as we call her.  She is a 3-month-old piebald (black, tan, and white spotted) dachshund.  Needless to say she is VERY entertaining!  Monkee is happy to have “her” baby around the house and Beckett is just plain annoyed.  All 3 dogs get along well and crate training is progressing nicely.  Kate still has her 2 kitties, Dusty and Loki.  Dusty is 16 this year and is still amazingly healthy.  Loki has grown in to a small mountain lion! The little dogs love the cats, but big Beckett thinks they might taste like chicken so we have to keep them separated for now.

Well, that’s the quick version of what’s been going on in the lives of the DeHart family.  You can find all of us on Facebook or Twitter if you’d like to look us up!  And if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, please feel free tostop by and spend some time with us (just give us 2-3 day’s warning!).  Remember, we have Yellowstone National Park virtually in our backyard!

Finally, please know that wherever we are, our thoughts and prayers are with you always.  We’d like to close by affirming this with a Christmas thought.

There’s a saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Although we were only in Knoxville for a “season,” there is a reason we are now in the Great Northwest.  But that doesn’t change our friendships, which didn’t end with our relocation, and will always be an important part of our lives.  But given that this is Christmas, it is also time for our family to reflect on this season, the reason we celebrate, and to rededicate ourselves to a life made precious by the birth of a child so many years ago.  We hope you find yourself moved to pause and consider the One born to die for all of us.


Merry Christmas from Mark, Leigh, Kaitlyn, Kyle and the rest of the zoo!


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