Posted by: doctornuke | December 26, 2010

Going to the dogs, part deux.

I just let the dogs in from out in the snow, which reminded me I needed to finish up this blog. Beckett is doing his happy dance on the floor, Izzebelle is rolling round with a toy on the floor, and Monkee is curled up next to me, as usual. No, wait – now Beckett is at the door wanting to go outside. Leigh just

Picture of Beckett at the back door

Beckett would like to come back in

let him out to go play in the snow. And Izze turned over her toybox to find something new to chew on.  Life with the dogs is good.

Beckett in the snow drift

Beckett walking in a snow drift

I mentioned that I had been shoveling the back patio.  Well, every time I shoveled, the pile next to the cleared area got bigger.  When the wind picked up, it built an even larger drift on the patio.  And kids being kids, they dropped Monkee in the snow bank.  Not happy, she was able to dig herself out, and immediately made her way back into the house and back to daddy’s lap.  Wet.  Beckett has no problem with the drifts though – he likes to hop into and over them.  The bigger the better.

Nevertheless, Monkee eventually got comfortable with the snow, even to the point where she and Beckett would run around and play in it.  She figured out where the shallow snow was, and even started taking on the snowdrifts as well.  Monkee is not afraid of much of anything.  She didn’t like being dropped in the snow, but she wasn’t scared of it.  Eventually, after a couple of sunny days followed by a cold snap, the snow got crunchy, and Monkee started walking on top of the smaller drifts.  However, with her tiny feet, and the excess winter fat she has put on, she has had a few snow hill collapses.  She has become quite adept at digging herself out.

We lost our dearly loved dachshund Liberty Belle this summer to a back injury.  I won’t say more right now, as it would make me very sad.  But this left a big hole in our dog family.  We still had two dogs, but Liberty was special and left a big hole in our family.  Of course, we knew we could never replace Liberty, but we started looking at dachshunds online.  We weren’t really serious, as we did already have two dogs, are trying to live on a tight budget, and were still settling in.  Plus, up to this point we had always rescued dogs.  Even Liberty, a purebred dachshund, was rescued from the Knox Co. pound.  But one night in late November, Leigh found a small dachshund breeder west of Twin Falls, about two hours away, who had a litter of piebald (black and white) dachshunds, including one female.  We decided we’d make the trip  and check her out (myself knowing, of course, that we would be coming home with a puppy).  We had checked the status of the interstates first, as this was only a few days after the big snow.  Interstates showed mostly clear, although we found quite a bit of snow west of Pocatello, and quite a bit of snow once we got off the freeway.  We were driving Leigh’s Honda Civic, so the drive was quite an adventure.  But when we got there we knew it was worth it.  The lady who raised the dachshunds, Lori Lee, lived in a small farmhouse with two litters of dachshunds and a litter of Dobermans.  A house full of dogs!  But they were well taken care of, and we met our potential puppy with one of her sisters (who had already been sold), three brothers, and their mother.  She was the smallest of the litter (although not by much), was a beautiful puppy, and had the big ol’ ears and long nose that we loved so much in Liberty.  And <sarcasm>much to my surprise</sarcasm>, Izzebelle (“Izze”) came home with us.  Born on Sept. 8, she was 11 weeks old, weighing in at 5 lbs (including the ears), and could put away about a pound of puppy chow at one time.  ;-).

So life has returned to normal.  Monkee and Izze are best friends, regularly playing when they aren’t busy eating or sleeping.  Izze started slowly on the snow as well, and with her short little legs the next big snowfall will be interesting.  We will have the video camera ready.  She is growing quickly, up to 6 lbs. 2 oz., and has become a regular part of the family.  She is not Beckett’s favorite, but he is slowly warming to her.  And the cats love her.  Izze and Loki (Little Orange KItty, who should now be called Boc or b-aoc) like to play tag and are comfortable with each other.  The other dogs, well, they’re pretty sure cat tastes like chicken.

I have not written much about Monkee – she deserves her own blog.  I’ll give her her due in a future missive.  Stay tuned.


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